Chris "Birdman" Andersen's house was searched a few days ago in a child pornography case. Turns out, Andersen may have been extorted.

Andersen's attorney, Colin Bresse, said that a young woman who has sent many messages like these to athletes before was retaliating at Birdman for his lack of interest in her. The young woman threatened to become a nuisance if she didn't get money.

According to Chris Andersen's legal team in this case, someone claiming to be the young woman's mother wrote an email to him saying, "I want him to pay for everything on her Amazon wish list, $5,000 for her bedding stuff and her Victoria's Secret wish list."

Many athletes in the past few years have been victims of extortion. Damian Williams, Tennessee Titans wide receiver, was targeted last summer and Tiger Woods claimed to have been extorted a few years back.

Either way, this case will make many more twists and turns in the next few weeks. Andersen may never be looked at in the same light again by many. The once heralded shot-blocker and hustle-player that is beloved by Denver fans and many others may have seen the end of the his career.

It sure has been a perplexing last few days for Andersen. We will keep you updated on the Chris Andersen case until it concludes.

Evan Sidery is a contributing writer for FootBasket. He is a fan of the Colts and Pacers. You can see more about him by following him on Twitter. 


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