After signing a mega-contract this off-season, Albert Pujols has started off the 2012 season with the Los Angeles Angels in a very disappointing way.

Once being the top slugger in the MLB, Pujols has been on a huge decline this season after going without a single home-run for the first month of the season.

This has never happened to Pujols, as he is currently batting .217 with zero homers in 23 games. He has never had this bad of a start in his eleven seasons in the league.

"I know I can hit home runs," Pujols said. "When it's going to happen, I don't know."

Pujols is currently batting .317 with 445 homers for his career. Currently, even dating back to last season with his world champion St. Louis Cardinals, he's going through the longest time without a homer, which is 29 games.

Pujols signed a 10-year contract for $240 million, looking to be the Angels' missing key for a World Series title. However, this hasn't gone off to a great start.

"I don't think about that, man," Pujols said. "It could be tomorrow, maybe the next day, a month from now, I don't know. My job is to get myself ready to play and take my swing. ... Home runs, when they come, they come in bunches."

Hopefully, Pujols can get rid of this drought, or we'll be heading down a very bad, drama-filled road this season.

As a commenter on ESPN notes:
This was so obviously inevitable that only the Angels didn't see it coming. Alberts numbers have been in decline. At his age that decline is clearly not going to stop, but rather get more dramatic. As I said from day 1, the Angels picked up the tab for the Cardinals. They are paying the bill for what he DID, not what he's going to do. Enjoy, you paid 250 million for this show.


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