Even with the great Michael Jordan as owner, the Charlotte Bobcats still couldn't produce any victories, finishing with the worst win-percentage in NBA history for a single season.

According to Jeff Van Gundy, he says the Bobcats tanked the season.

He tells the Charlotte Observer:

Speaking on a media conference call Tuesday, the former coach of the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets said he believes the organization assembled “a very poor roster by design.’’ Van Gundy also said he wouldn’t reward bad teams with extra chances in Wednesday night’s draft lottery.

“I don’t think the players and the coaching staff (tanked). I think the organization did by not getting the best roster’’ available, Van Gundy said. “You could make the case at any position that they did not have a top-15 player’’ at that position in the league.

Van Gundy said the Bobcats’ “get bad to try to get good’’ strategy is common among NBA teams, but their 7-59 finish last season – worst by winning percentage in league history – wasn’t happenstance.

“What they’re doing, most (front office) people would do. But it’s by design,’’ Van Gundy said, adding he would do away with the weighting system that gives the Bobcats the best chance (25 percent) at the top pick in Wednesday’s 8 p.m. lottery.

“I don’t think you should get extra odds in the lottery for being bad,’’ Van Gundy said. “To consistently reward bad teams with extra (chances) is bad.’’

What do you think of his comments?


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