Shaquille O'Neal has had an amazing career in the NBA. He also got his doctorate degree earlier this month from Barry University.

Could he be the new Orlando Magic General Manager?

According to ESPN's Chris Broussard, Orlando could interview O'Neal for the now vacant GM position early next week.

This just doesn't seem likely to happen at all, in my opinion, or it may be that O'Neal really wants to become more serious about basketball.

The TNT analyst's antics as a GM won't fly by.

It's surprising that Shaq would even consider this. He's just joined TNT as an NBA analyst this year and is having great success with Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley.

O'Neal used to play for the Orlando Magic from 1992-1996. He was a young star who took his talents to Los Angeles to play alongside Kobe Bryant and form possibly the best modern-day duo.

If Orlando is actually considering Shaq, it must just be to get publicity and sell tickets.

There are more serious and qualified candidates other than O'Neal, but with his former team, anything could happen.

If I had to make a prediction on this, I say O'Neal just gets an interview. If he gets hired, it will be one of the more crazier things to happen in a while.

Well, having a character like O'Neal running operations for a team would be pretty entertaining. It wouldn't surprise me to see him get into a shirt off with their mascot, Stuff, if he gets the job.

Evan Sidery is a beat writer for FootBasket. He is a fan of the Colts and Pacers. You can see more about him by following him on Twitter.


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