During the NFL Draft, many experts questioned Melvin Ingram's ability on the field due to his short arm-length of 31.5 inches for his 6-2 frame.

The San Diego Chargers rookie linebacker doesn't care what the experts think, as he says it doesn't matter about arm-length or anything like that. He thinks it's ridiculous.

“I really don’t care about that stuff,” Ingram said on NFL Network (via PFT). “I’ve told a lot of people, short arms or long arms don’t make you a football player. If that were the case everybody with long arms would play football. Either you’re a football player or you’re not. Your arm length doesn’t make a difference.”

Ingram is right on the money here. He was able to be productive, and that's all that matters. Length or height doesn't matter. I mean, look at Drew Brees. He's short for a quarterback but he is able to be productive every season.

Good to see a guy with the right mindset.

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