If anyone has seen Kevin Durant in the fourth quarter and clutch situations this year, you can see that killer instinct in him. He has that drive. He has that cold-bloodedness.

This whole season, I just keep thinking Kobe Bryant when I see the Durantula do that. It's like Durant is the Next Mamba.

So what does the Los Angeles Lakers guard think of Durant, specifically?

"A 6-11 me," Bryant said in ESPN's JA Adande's latest column.

Durant has everything in him. He has that animal.

"That dog in him?" Bryant asked. "He's got it in him."

Durant had 36 points on Tuesday night, including 17 in the fourth, which led the Oklahoma City Thunder to take a 1-0 lead over the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.

If he keeps up the performance, the young 23-year-old will be on his way to his first ring.

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