It was as expected.

According to Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer, Gerald Wallace will in fact opt out of his contract with the Brooklyn Nets to become a free agent this off-season.

Although Wallace wasn't at the top of his game when traded, he was able to average about 16 points per game, showing he was a helpful second option to point guard Deron Williams.

Wallace was scheduled to make $9.5 million next season, but with him opting out of his contract now, it could mean he's looking for more money, a better team or long-term stability.

However, if Wallace does decide to go to a new team, it does leave Brooklyn in a huge hole. They originally traded their first-round draft pick this season (which ended up being No. 6) for Wallace. Now without a lottery pick and a good chance of losing D-Will if Dwight Howard is unable to come, Wallace could be joining them.

So what do the Nets get out of this, then? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The only good now is that they're in Brooklyn, but now they could just be a lottery team for the next few years if all things fall apart.

However, there is a good chance Wallace will stay. He likes New York, according to Bonnell, and he's got GM Billy King right on his tail. King will end up overpaying Wallace since he's all they got. With that, and the possibility of Williams gone, it means that Wallace is the building block for this team now.

Good move for Wallace, terrible job by King.

Worst rental trade in sports history.

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