After being arrested for a DWI on Sunday night, New York Giants guard David Diehl appeared at the team's three-day minicamp and apologized for his actions.

He told the New York Daily News:

"It's a mistake that I guarantee will never, ever happen again. I'm going to help other people make sure that they don't make the same decision that I made in this circumstance. And I'm going to become a stronger person because of it."

Diehl says he still wants to remain a positive role model and says he will continue to be one.

"Throughout the 10 years (with the Giants) this is the one time that people are going to try to bring me down and say things about me," Diehl said. "And that's fine. I'm never going to make an excuse for anything. I've never made excuses for anything in my life. I'm going to do whatever it takes to let people know exactly who I am and what I stand for, and that this one decision does not reflect who I am as a person.

"Mistakes happen to everybody. Mistakes happen. I'm a prime example."

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