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New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft thinks highly of his franchise quarterback, and he should. The Patriots have won three Super Bowls under Tom Brady's helm and have played in five total.

Under Brady and head coach Bill Belichick, New England has become the gold standard for NFL franchises. Kraft's admiration definitely was shown for his quarterback in an interview recently.

“I think that Tommy, with all due respect, is better than Joe Montana,” he told NFL Network‘s Albert Breer. “I know that’s a leap, but I really think he might already be the best of all time. I watch how involved he is, how driven he is. He’s like Belichick, he’s into the details. And he’s got a skill that makes him so special, he can process all of it so quickly. … And then, he’s just got that quality. Certain people have that sincerity. He’s a very genuine guy. People can relate to him. People can trust him.”

Hard for me to judge who’s better. I am old enough to have seen both gentlemen play. Both are smooth, gritty and winners. Montana has a perfect 4-0 record in his Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers, while Brady is 3-2 and has lost his last two appearances. Montana just may be the greatest quarterback ever.

Brady being his classy self was appreciative of his owners comments.

“Well, that’s my boss. And I love Mr. Kraft for a lot of reasons, and we have a great relationship, and a great friendship,” he said. “He’s been through a lot the last few years. There’d be nothing more exciting for all us players than to win for him, because it means a lot to him, and it means a lot to coach Belichick. I think the great part about being around here is that the expectation is only to win, and there’s nothing else. It’s not about selling tickets or t-shirts. It’s to win football games.”

Glenn Erby is a NFL writer for FootBasket. He also owns the NFL blog, Tha Cover 2. You can read more about him over there. Follow him on Twitter @thacover2.


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