The New England Patriots are a prideful bunch. That’s part of what makes them so special as a team and especially an offensive unit.

On Sunday, I hinted at tight end Rob Gronkowski’s frustration level with the team's offense.

Now, quarterback Tom Brady jumped into the fray, but did something that shouldn’t be surprising. He took part of the blame. Brady gave some insight into his teams offensive issue’s at this point and time.

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“Offensive football, 11 guys need to be on the same page,” Brady told WEEI.com. “When the offensive line’s expecting me to get the ball out quick and I hold on to the ball and I get sacked, then people may blame the offensive line, but really it’s the quarterback’s fault. Sometimes there’s coverage sacks, where the defensive coverage, there’s just not a place to find to throw the ball, and the offensive line, like I said, is expecting a certain rhythm of a play and it doesn’t come out that way. It could be a number of things.

“Our offensive line, they work their tail off. They’re out there giving everything they’ve got. From a quarterback standpoint, we’ve got plenty of time to throw the ball and find the right guy. We have to do a better job of doing our job, which is getting the ball out when we need to get it out, get it to the open receiver and let our guys do something with it.”

Brady is a true leader of men and his ability to lead and rally those men should be commended. We all know the Patriots have had protection issues and injuries on the line for a few seasons now, but Brady is not blaming or throwing any of his offensive lineman under the bus.

This will pay huge dividends down the line. "The Patriot Way" will get this team far.

Photo Credit: Patriots.com

Glenn Erby is a NFL writer for FootBasket. He also owns the NFL blog, Tha Cover 2. You can read more about him over there. Follow him on Twitter @thacover2.


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