Can we all agree that the plethora of NBA predictions publicized on a daily basis are getting a bit redundant?

Would it be out of line for me to call them played out? An example of sports journalism mediocrity? An easy way to bring homeristic journalism to the forefront of the sports page? A lazy journalist's way of pumping out a product to meet a deadline?

Is it so wrong to ignore the "necessity" of NBA predictions and focus on the major questions of the 2012-13 NBA season in hopes of formulating the very beginnings of an identity for the new NBA year?

Do we even have to produce answers to the questions? Can't we just be content with the unknown? Am I just losing it?

Losing it or not, what are these "all-important, identity-defining" questions going into the 2012-13 NBA season?

1. Is New Orleans Hornets rookie Anthony Davis primed for NBA success or is he doomed to be the latest draft day bust (i.e. the next Kwame Brown)?

2. Can Jeremy Lin provide the fuel to propel the Houston Rockets into the postseason, or was he just a one-hit wonder?

3. With Steve Nash and Dwight Howard suiting up in the Los Angeles Lakers' purple and gold next season, are the Oklahoma City Thunder's Western Conference "dynasty aspirations" an afterthought out west?

4. Following big-time injuries, what does the immediate future hold for Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio and Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose? Can they bounce back into the mix and produce at a high level, or will we see new versions of these rising stars?

5. If Howard is the best center in the league, does his relocation to the west coast automatically make the Western Conference stronger than the East? Which conference is the power conference?

6. Now that the Brooklyn Nets have fortified their presence in New York, which NY-based NBA squad is the "Baron of the Burroughs": the New York Knicks or the Nets?

7. As the Boston Celtics beginan era of "life without Ray Allen," will the addition of Jason Terry be enough to keep them in the title hunt despite their age?

8. Can the Charlotte Bobcats outdo themselves and set more historic lows in losses, effort and overall embarrassment, or is Ben Gordon their savior?

9. Are the San Antonio Spurs still a relevant team out west, or can we finally count them out of the title hunt this season? Will we finally see the San Antonio youth transform into something more than just "role players?"

10. After dominating international play in the London Olympics, is this the season where Carmelo Anthony finally earns his way into the MVP conversation?

11. Now that the Miami Heat have effectively removed the "overrated, never going to win with LeBron James" moniker from their franchise, are we seeing the beginnings of a South Beach Dynasty? Are they still the team to beat this season, or will their lack of a dominant center/post player haunt their "repeat championship" dreams?

12. Given that the Sacramento Kings are stuck in Sacramento for at least one more season, where will the Maloofs drag them in a year? Las Vegas? Virginia Beach? Anaheim? Seattle? Mars? Is any place off limits?

13. Speaking of Seattle, is it finally time to make amends with Seattle's NBA community and plant a franchise there? Is the league due for a new squad?

14. If OKC and LAL are the unanimous (and obvious) top-two teams in the Western Conference, than who comes in at number three? The Memphis Grizzlies? San Antonio? Denver Nuggets? The Los Angeles Clippers?

15. Can the Orlando Magic get past the Dwight/Stan Van Gundy saga of yesteryear and redeem their franchise glory? Is there any chance that they can be competitive out east anytime soon?

16. Will flopping and acting continue to hinder the league as a whole, or will the NBA take action to nip these problems in the butt?

17. Following a premature retirement spurred by too many knee injuries, what kind of production can we expect from a "knee-less" Brandon Roy in Minnesota? Are we on the verge of witnessing the second coming of Roy in the NBA or are we doomed for disappointment?

18. After an impressive postseason last year, is it fair to consider the Indiana Pacers a contender for the 2012-13 NBA title, or are they still a season or two away?

19. With recent additions in Andrew Bogut, Jarrett Jack, a solid draft class and two almost new ankles for Stephen Curry, are the Golden State Warriors a playoff team this year? Or is this another case of "high hopes" for befuddled Warriors fans?

20. How will Andrew Bynum respond to the heavy spotlight of Philadelphia sports fans, and what kind of team will the Sixers be next year? Will Jrue Holiday step-up his game and prove himself to be a top-tier point guard in the NBA? Can Bynum grow into the dominant center that Lakers fans hoped he would be, or will he continue to just have "potential?"

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Matt Silverston is a columnist for FootBasket. He also runs the basketball blog, Mind of Mattman. You can also follow him on Twitter.


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