AP Photo/John Lew
Tulane safety Devon Walker suffered a scary injury Saturday in a game against Tulsa, where he collided in a helmet-to-helmet hit which caused him to break his neck.

Many were worried at first, as he could have actually died or suffered from being paralyzed. Luckily, none of it happened, but he was revived at the hospital as reports indicate he wasn't breathing at all at some points.

Walker currently remains in stable condition, according to Dr. Buddy Savoie. Walker also fractured his spine and will need surgery on it about a day or two, according to Savoie.

"He was stable when we transported him," Savoie said. "I do not think, based on the information we have, his life was ever in danger."

Walker had also had a collapsed lung on the hit. Tulsa ended up winning the game, 45-10.

Prayers and thoughts go out to Walker on a speedy recovery and to his family.

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