Ray Allen October 2012Am I the only one confused on why Boston Celtics fans and players are mad over the departure of Ray Allen. The writing had clearly been on the wall for some time.

There was the almost trade to the Memphis Grizzlies earlier in the year, there was the tension between him and Rajon Rondo and finally the signing of Jason Terry that seemed to say, "Allen, you are no longer welcomed."

So it was surprising and shocking to see and hear that Celtics fans and players react so angrily to Allen leaving. Kevin Garnett said that he deleted Allen's number along with even head coach Doc Rivers got in the mix saying that Allen was selfish.

All this anger makes no sense. The Celtics did everything to push Allen away and now that he has went away to a rival, nonetheless they act like Allen "LeBroned" them, which was not the case. Celts fans, I am truly puzzled on, "Why you mad."


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