Sun Life Stadium

Monday morning's press conference brought a topic not too many Miami fans are fond of. The Dolphins, in front of the media and the Super Bowl Committee, have announced ideas and hopes to renovate Sun Life Stadium.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross went to the podium earlier saying, "Our intention is to make Sun Life Stadium a world-class facility that is competition-ready for Super Bowls, college football championships, and global soccer events, as well as providing a better environment to watch the Dolphins, Hurricanes and Orange Bowl every year."

The Miami Herald has reported that the Dolphins are looking at around $400 million from the state and local governments, though private funds would cover most of the bill. This just brings back nightmares to Miami fans.

The Miami Marlins received a similar deal and support from the city but then lied to about how much money the team itself would spend on the stadium. According to the Miami public, the Marlins ballpark was just an expensive mistake. By the way, the players whom the team spent $100 million on players last season won't be calling Miami home anymore for those who forgot.

If, and that's a big "if", the Dolphins have any chance of working out a deal with the city, it wont be anywhere near what the Marlins received.

Though they are not looking for a brand new stadium all-together, the Dolphins are looking to improve seating, and concession stands. Along with that, they plan to add seats closer to the field, HD video screens, a partial stationary roof to allow for shading for the fans as well as protection from the rain. A partial roof allows the stadium to keep the natural grass.


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