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After winning a Super Bowl, Baltimore Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin is being asked to take a pay cut; if not, he might be released, according to FOX Sports.

Boldin makes $6 million right now, but the Ravens would like to have more cap space, mainly to re-sign linebacker Danell Ellerbe, who is a high priority along with other pending free agents. All of this comes after signing quarterback Joe Flacco to a massive new contract.

Boldin said back in February that he would retire if he was released by the Ravens, as he doesn't want to play for a new team. However, a source told FOX Sports that the 32-year-old has second thoughts on that statement.

If released, Boldin is still good enough in where he could catch on elsewhere should he back off his retirement talk. If he likes Baltimore that much, he'll take the pay cut so they can keep most of the team together.

Boldin played a huge role in the NFL Playoffs for the Ravens, being one of the main reasons that Baltimore won the Super Bowl. The nine-year veteran had 65 catches for 921 yards and four touchdowns with Baltimore last season.


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