Brittney Griner April 2013Brittney Griner is, undoubtedly, the most dominate female collegiate basketball player we have ever seen; however, she could not play for an NBA team or even a Division I men's team.

Recent comments by Mark Cuban, have a created intriguing debate about Griner potentially being a draft prospect for the Dallas Mavericks.

Griner, who stands about 6-8 and is listed at 175 pounds, is actually ten pounds lighter that Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry. Griner, typically, plays the center position and I don't believe, at her size, that she could handle the physicality of the men's game.

Griner would also have to play a wing position in the men's game, and she clearly does not have the foot-speed, lateral quickness or ball-handling skills needed to excel.

Just recently, the lady Louisville Cardinals played a really physical game and limited her to just 14 points on 4-of-10 shooting.  The tallest player on the Lady Cardinal roster is only 6-3 and they were able to contain Griner. The average height in the NBA is about her height at 6-8.

She has the wingspan longer than Kentucky forward Nerlens Noel, but she clearly lacks the explosiveness and agility she would desperately need to grab rebounds and block opponents' shots.

I do not mean to be too critical, but I am only 6-1, in my thirties and I can dunk a basketball far better than her fingertip dunks she displayed in the college game. Problem is, I am not a professional basketball player and have never even played collegiate basketball.

I wish her luck in her WNBA career and she has been a great story and inspiration for many female athletes. I enjoyed watching her illustrious career at Baylor and appreciate her place in history, but the NBA is not the place for her.


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