Finding a future MVP in the NBA Draft has proved to be a tricky accomplishment. There is usually a consensus No. 1 pick, but even that is no guarantee that a team has taken the player most likely to win an MVP during their career. In fact, only 10 of the first-overall picks in the entire history of the NBA Draft have gone on to win an MVP award.

Steve Nash, a two-time MVP winner, wasn’t even taken until the 15th pick.

By looking at the entire history of MVP winners and their stats, you can determine the average stats by position a prospect must have to determine MVP potential. When you compare those averages to the prospects’ numbers, you see a clearer picture of future MVP implications.

Some of these prospects compare very favorably to past MVP-winners at their positions. Take a look at the CableTV.com infographic below to find out which players have the most potential to win the award during their careers.
2013 NBA Draft MVP


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