5 Most Impressive NBA Summer League 2013 Players

NBA-Summer-League-2013-PlayersThe NBA Summer League is a chance for rookies, both drafted and undrafted, to catch the eyes of NBA scouts. But it is also an opportunity for second and third-year players to show off all the work they’ve put in during the offseason.

Every summer, some younger players take the Summer League by storm, and this year is no exception.

Here are 5 NBA Summer League 2013 players (in no particular order) that have caught my eye thus far.

Andre Drummond, C, Detroit Pistons

Andre-Drummond-July-2013-NBA-Summer-League-2013-PlayersComing into last year’s NBA Draft, everyone knew that Andre Drummond was an athletic freak of nature. However, the knock on him was his lack of offensive skill.

In the Orlando Summer League, Drummond showed an improved post game, and even made a couple of mid-range jumpers. Add this offensive development to the Detroit Pistons big man's freaky athleticism and he could be a serious factor in the Eastern Conference next season.

Markieff and Marcus Morris, F, Phoenix Suns

Marcus-Markieff-Morris-July-2013-NBA-Summer-League-2013-PlayersI’m combining the two Morris twins into one player for this one because both have looked good so far this summer.

It is evident that Marcus has really worked on his perimeter game, and has developed a nice jump shot. Markieff, on the other hand, looks very comfortable on the high post and has shown some nice post moves as well.

Team up the Morris twins with Alex Len and the Phoenix Suns frontcourt appears to have a bright future.

Andrew Goudelock, G, Chicago Bulls

Andrew-Goudelock-July-2013-NBA-Summer-League-2013-PlayersAndrew Goudelock isn’t a true point guard, and he’s a little shorter than your typical two-guard. But man can this guy score the basketball.

He followed up a 26-point performance with a 31-point performance the next night, and even started hearing “MVP” chants from the crowd. He has proven himself as a deadeye three-point specialist. If he doesn’t make the Chicago Bulls roster, I can guarantee a bunch of teams will be lining up to sign this guy.

Jeffery Taylor, SG, Charlotte Bobcats

Jeffery-Taylor-July-2013-NBA-Summer-League-2013-PlayersJeffery Taylor had a pretty good rookie campaign last season, and looks like he put in a lot of work this offseason.

Taylor is one of those players that always seems to be in the right spot at the right time. He does all the little things a coach wants from his players. No single part of Taylor’s game jumps out at you, but every part is solid.

Look for Taylor to get a lot of minutes this season for the Charlotte Bobcats.

Jonas Valanciunas, C, Toronto Raptors

Jonas-Valanciunas-July-2013-NBA-Summer-League-2013Jonas Valanciunas is a man amongst boys in the Summer League. The Toronto Raptors second-year center looks like a different player than he did last year.

In limited time, JV has dominated his opponents on the block and on the boards. He has shown the ability to bully his opponents down low, and also step out and play a bit on the high post.

People questioned Toronto when they spent the fifth overall pick on Valanciunas in the 2011 NBA Draft, but the future is looking very bright for their young center.

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