Most people are brought up with the notion that two wrongs don’t make a right, especially during a sporting contest. Unfortunately, sometimes one thing leads to another and it often results in regrettable chaos or mayhem.

The following is a truly revolting incident that took place in Maranhao, Brazil on June 30 during an amateur soccer game at the Piux XII Stadium. Police have confirmed that a soccer referee was stoned to death by a crazed mob of fans after he was tied up and beaten.

He then had his arms and legs cut off below the knees and elbows and was gruesomely decapitated. This sick killing was carried out after the referee, 20-year-old Octavio da Silva Catanhede Jordan, had stabbed a 30-year-old player named Josenir dos Santos Abreu to death on the playing field during a game.

The incident began when the player objected to the one of the referee’s calls and Catanhede Jordan sent Santos Abreu off of the pitch. The player became even more agitated and witnesses said he threw a punch at Catanhede Jordan. For some reason the referee had a small pocket knife on him while officiating the match and took it out. He then stabbed the player several times.

A group of fans who were watching the game then took matters into their own hands and chased Catanhede down and killed and decapitated him. After his head was removed it was placed on top of a wooden stake and planted into the soccer field. Meanwhile, an ambulance had been called for Santos Abreu and he was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital.

The mob of people who went berserk and showed Catanhede no mercy are believed to have been made up of the deceased player’s family and friends. Police officers in Maranhao said that one man has been arrested in relation to the murder of the referee, a 27-year-old named Luis Moraes Souza. They added that they’re also hunting down at least another pair of suspects.

The police chief of Santa Ines in Maranhao, released a statement to the press which said witnesses at the scene have told authorities the names of some of the people involved and they’re being tracked down. He added that everybody responsible for the horrifying crime will eventually be identified and held accountable for their actions. The officer said one crime should never ever justify another crime and people shouldn’t take the law into their own hands.

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