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Take your football experience to new levels this year with these five mobile apps. Each one keeps you connected to the week’s biggest matchups and breaking news from around the league, even when you are away from home! Whether you want to dominate your fantasy league or simply want to follow your team better, these apps are must-haves.


Whether or not you use social media, Twitter provides an excellent news feed on game day. You can follow your team’s official account, see reactions from players and coaches, get analysis from the pros at ESPN and much more.

Twitter also lets you take part in the football conversation each day, interacting with talking heads and bragging to friends alike. For instant news updates and links to articles and highlights, Twitter is an NFL fan’s best friend.

Fantasy Monster Pro

Fantasy football players will not find a better app to help them keep their teams on top. The Fantasy Monster Pro app allows you to manage all your Yaho!o, ESPN an NFL.com fantasy teams in one place. 

You can check live scores and injury reports, post to message boards and adjust your lineup quickly with the app’s drag and drop feature. When the football season is over, you can also use Fantasy Monster Pro for your fantasy basketball, baseball and hockey leagues as well.

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket

If you live far away from your favorite team or want to watch every out-of-market game each Sunday, DirectTV NFL Sunday Ticket is a great option for your TV. With NFL Sunday Ticket Max, you can download the app and watch football on your phone or tablet. 

The app also provides you with features like real-time highlight alerts, access to the Red Zone channel and the ability to track your NFL.com fantasy league and team without interrupting the game you are watching. Plus, you can keep up with two games at once with one on your tablet or phone and one on your TV.

NFL Mobile Premium

Verizon subscribers should definitely download NFL Mobile app. With the Premium version you can watch every Thursday, Sunday and Monday night game live on your phone or tablet. 

The app also gives you access to the NFL Network around the clock, including the Red Zone channel where you can see every scoring play from each game. NFL Mobile’s Game Center brings you video highlights, news stories and league standings as well as live audio coverage of every game.

ESPN ScoreCenter

ScoreCenter from ESPN is a quick and easy way to keep up with scores, news, standings and more from around the league. 

You can personalize the app to show you the scoreboards and video highlights you want to see of the teams you follow. See who your team is facing in the coming week or access previous scores with the calendar navigation feature. In addition to NFL football, the ScoreCenter app also lets you follow almost every sport from around the world. 


Enjoy NFL action from your favorite teams, all season long with these great mobile apps. Watch games on-the-go, read the latest breaking news and more when you take your football season off the TV!


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