By Evan Sidery
Butler Beat Writer

Quick breaking news to report here on Roosevelt Jones' injury in a Bulldog Bites exclusive report.

Jones' wrist -- which he injured in a hard, awkward fall landing on his arm/wrist area against the North Bears in Butler's trip to Australia this morning -- was thought to be the worst-case scenario. After it happened, many in Australia there thought Jones had broken a bone in his wrist.

They were wrong.

We have obtained a quote from a Butler spokesman telling FootBasket and Bulldog Bites what happened. Also, we have an eye witness who attended the game in Australia (lives there) direct message us on Twitter telling him what he saw and was told.

The official quote sent out to Bulldog Bites from the 'Dawgs spokesman: "Roosevelt came down on his wrist in the game last night and is sore. He is being evaluated on a daily basis and no final decision has been made on his playing status for the rest of the trip."

Indeed, Jones' wrist is sore and is heavily bandaged. From what we were told from an eye witness who direct messaged @BulldogBitesFB on Twitter, Jones has a sprained wrist. No idea on the severity between grades one, two or three, but he went up and asked one of the coaches after the game on it and that is what one of them said to him.

Wrist sprains can take anywhere from two-to-10 weeks, depending on how severe the sprain is. That means Jones should be good to go and fully healthy by the time the season opener rolls around.

With this just being a trip for mostly team bonding, expect Jones to 100-percent be out tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. EST when they play the Sydney Kings. Also, expect Brandon Miller and Butler's coaching staff to play it safe with Jones and sit him out the rest of this trip.

FootBasket and Bulldog Bites will keep you updated on Jones' wrist injury as we get more information day-by-day. Stay tuned.

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