By Glenn Erby
Lead Writer

Former NBA guard Cuttino Mobley is hoping that dropping a lawsuit against the New York Knicks will allow him to finally get back into the league.

Mobley sued MSG in 2011, and claimed that they forced him to retire in order to collect insurance money on his contract. Sources say that Mobley decided to drop the lawsuit because it wasn’t going anywhere.

The lawsuit stated that the Knicks acquired Mobley from the Los Angeles Clippers for a specific reason, and that was to collect insurance money off of his heart condition.

Mobley believed the Knicks knew about his heart condition, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and were fully aware that he wouldn’t be allowed to play.

Now Mobley, who is 37 years old, will have to show NBA executives that he can can be medically cleared to play and then that he still can play after five years away from the game.

Mobley was pretty reliable during his 10-year NBA career, averaging about 16 points, four rebounds and three assists per game. His best season came in the 2001-02 season when he dropped around 22 points a game. 


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