By Josh Dhani

FOX Sports 1 is set to launch, and they have hired a ton of great people on their crew, most notably from ESPN.

ESPN personalities like Charissa Thompson, Erin Andrews and Mike Hill have all left the self-proclaimed Worldwide Sports Leader for FOX Sports 1, and many are following such as former NFL wide receiver Randy Moss recently.

FOX Sports 1 looks like a legit rival against ESPN, and they stand a much better chance than NBC Sports Network, who tried making the push a few years ago. FOX Sports 1 recently made an introduction video for their FOX Sports Live show that is set to launch:

FOX Sports also made the announcement of the new network that launches in one week:
This led to ESPN/Grantland columnist Bill Simmons to reply with this tweet:
Simmons has always made controversial tweets in the past. ESPN has taken notice as well, suspending Simmons from Twitter and even going beyond that.

But it was FOX Sports 1 who got the final zing in this Twitter beef when they said this:
Burn. And it also doesn't like Simmons will respond to this one, either.

Are you looking forward to the new FOX Sports network? 


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