By Josh Dhani

Lately in the past few years, all the news involving free agent NBA forward Lamar Odom has all been negative, and most of all of them have nothing to do with his performance on the court.

Odom has been dealing with obvious marital issues with Khloe Kardashian, and there's always "exclusive reports" from various tabloids saying he's been cheating on her.

Now things have gotten a lot more serious, and possibly life-threatening.

According to TMZ, it appears that Odom has a major drug problem, and that he has been addicted to crack/cocaine for the past two years. TMZ adds that the "hardcore" drug addiction is the cause off his relationship issues with Khloe Kardashian.

Odom reportedly entered rehab a year ago, but only stayed for three weeks. He reportedly stayed off the drugs during this past NBA season, but went back on the crack/cocaine when the offseason took off.

Since then, Khloe has been trying to get an intervention going for Odom, who refused. With that, Kardashian has kicked him out of the house, TMZ reports.

Now we don't know how true TMZ's reports are, because there's been more than enough of times they have been way off in their reporting, such as when they falsely reported that Lil Wayne was on his death bed and was saying his last rites.

However, other media outlets are reporting Odom's drug habit.

One is Radar Online, who had an exclusive story that the ex-Los Angeles Clippers forward isn't on crack/cocaine, but on "hillbilly heroin instead" (OxyContin and Ambien).

It's hard to find out whether any of these reports are true, but if they are, we hope Odom gets up back on his feet and fixes this serious problem that could ruin not only his NBA career and other future endeavors, but his whole life alone. 


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