LeSean-McCoy-Eagles-2013Riley Cooper may have apologized, but the damage was done and certain relationships Cooper may have built are going to be the collateral damage.

After having it revealed to the world that he used disparaging remarks and racial slurs towards an African-American security guard at a Kenny Chesney concert, Cooper has been fined, forced to apologize and suffer the repercussions of such words.

According to NFL.com's Albert Breer, Cooper has already lost running back LeSean McCoy as a friend.

Breer wrote: "LeSean McCoy told me what hurts about Cooper's remarks is 'losing a friend.' I asked him what that meant, 'I can't respect a guy like that.'"

McCoy didn’t stop there, though.

“I’m thinking like, I think I know him very well and then you do something like that, when you don’t think no cameras are around, you don’t think nobody’s around, everything is in closed doors, you show who you really are," McCoy told Reuben Frank of Comcast Philly. "I just think I know him a little better than I thought I did."

McCoy probably wasn’t the first, and definitely won’t be the last Eagles player to decide to deal with Riley Cooper from a business and football perspective only.

Only time will tell how long Cooper can actually remain an Eagle. Chip Kelly will have to monitor how teammates respond and react to Cooper under fire to actually figure out if he needs to removed from the team's roster moving forward.


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