By Glenn Erby
Lead Writer

Some people forget all about bad blood when they are chasing a ring.

DeShawn Stevenson and Miami Heat star LeBron James had major beef back in 2008 when they were rivals for the Washington Wizards and Cleveland Cavaliers. It happened again in the 2011 NBA Finals when Stevenson's Dallas Mavericks faced LeBron's Heat.

When can all assume the beef was one-sided, though -- because what has Stevenson ever don that would remotely get LeBron’s attention?

Almost six years later, Stevenson is chasing a ring, and obviously knows who to go to if you want one. Stevenson took to Twitter to appeal to LeBron and the Heat.
At this stage of his career, I’m not even sure Stevenson has enough left to warrant LeBron and the Heat taking him seriously.


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