By Glenn Erby
Lead Writer

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly reached out to former NFL coach Tony Dungy a few years ago when then-Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount sucker-punched a Boise State defensive lineman after a bad loss.

Kelly has again reached out again to Dungy, this time in the wake of the Riley Cooper racial slur scandal.

According to TheMMQB, Dungy told Chip Kelly to trust his instincts.

“I told him to trust his instincts,” Dungy said. “He can use this as a teaching moment, and his decision could pull this team together.”

Kelly as he did then, seems inclined to stick by Cooper as long as he can maintain a hold of his locker room.

“Chip could have kicked Blount to the curb,” Dungy said. “He chose to believe in him. And it worked out. With Riley Cooper, this kid made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. The big issue, too, is the alcohol. That has to be dealt with. But Chip will make the right decision. He doesn’t care what the popular opinion. He cares about what’s right.”


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