Hulk Hogan continues to stay fresh and have feet strapped with the heat, as he revealed several new pairs of Air Jordan retro shoes he copped recently.

Hogan has gotten into the craze of Jordan sneakers this summer, and tweeted not too long ago rocking the Air Jordan 4 retro "Green Glow" at a Dallas Cowboys game earlier this month. Now Hogan has proceeded to more spending on Jordan sneakers, revealing four new pairs.

Above, the Hulkster is seen wearing the Air Jordan 13 retro "He Got Game". In his hands are the recently-released Air Jordan 5 retro "Fire Red/Black Tongue". Beside are the Air Jordan 8 retro "Playoffs" and the Air Jordan 5 retro "Grape", which were released a few months ago.

Of course, Hogan had to rock these out and tweeted out to his fans of what sneaker he should wear on Spike TV. He went with the He Got Games:Hogan then went on to tweet the photo above, writing, "Now I got Game brother." If that wasn't enough, Hogan was in awe of the 13's he was wearing:I think Hogan is taking a little bit too far. I mean, no offense, but it's not like what he has anything amazingly special. Sure, they are classic Jordan releases and ones many should cop, but I think a good majority of sneakerheads have these in their closet already.

Hogan has just been mad crazy over these general release sneakers he has copped this year. The sad thing is, even though he started about a month or two ago, is that he still needs help finding the right name of his sneakers.

What do you think of Hogan's sneaker "obsession"? Is he going too far? Would you even consider him a sneakerhead, or is he just using this to stay relevant? 

This article was written by Josh Dhani. Follow him on Twitter here and read more of his work here


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