The Jacksonville Jaguars have been unbelievably awful this season. It's no wonder they continue to struggle in trying to sell out games, along with having continuous blackouts on television for the past few years. They're just atrocious.

Honestly, if I were to be a Jaguars fan, I couldn't stand watching this team for even half of a quarter. After watching Sunday's 37-3 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, I have never seen a team do so bad in a game in a loooong time.

It was crazy witnessing how many penalties Jacksonville committed, along with many other boneheaded plays. Quarterback Blaine Gabbert threw three interceptions, including one going back for a pick-six, as he continues to show that the Carolina Panthers made the genius decision to select Cam Newton over him in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Honestly, even if Gabbert were to be replaced by Chad Henne at quarterback, there would still be no hope. Honestly, I'd bet Denard Robinson would gives this team a better chance to win if Jacksonville moved him back to quarterback like he was at Michigan. Heck, maybe I should try out for the Jags starting QB job.

There's really no other option at this point in the season for the Jaguars but to sign Tim Tebow. Yes, I said it. Tim Tebow. Now, listen, I'm as annoyed about the Tebow hype as the next guy. I was the one saying he was trash and shouldn't even be in the league after the disaster of a performance he had this preseason with the New England Patriots.

However, Jags fans want their hometown hero back. Honestly, if you look at bringing Tebow to the Jaguars from every single aspect, it actually turns out to be a pretty big win-win situation.

Jacksonville needs attendance. I guarantee you there will start being immediate sellouts in Everbank Stadium if Tebow comes to town. You can bank on that (no pun intended). In addition, Jacksonville can benefit greatly from the Tebow hype. They can finally be on the headlines for at least something!

Now, looking at the actual football aspect of things, I actually think Tebow gives this team a chance at winning games. I mean, what is there to lose? There are no weapons but Maurice Jones-Drew on offense. Tebow can do at least something, and I strongly believe he could probably do more than Gabbert ever could.

I say the Jags should be all-in for it. It may look desperate, but by the time the season ends, they'll probably look back on it saying it was a good move. It really does make sense, in all seriousness. 

This article was written by Josh Dhani. Follow him on Twitter here and read more of his work here


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