By Josh Dhani

Texas A&M star quarterback Johnny Manziel has been involved in an autograph scandal, but it concluded in just a simple half-game suspension against Rice from last week.

In that game against the Owls, Manziel autographed the air in response to all the criticism he has been receiving. Miraculously, someone has caught a hold of that autographed air.

As founded by The Big Lead, some guy actually tried selling Manziel's "autographed air", and there were people actually bidding for it. The last picture that was seen of the item on eBay was shown with 17 bids and at $6.69.

Take a look:
If you're curious, here was the item's description: 

Unfortunately, and unknowingly, for the defender, air is public domain. As soon as Manziel autographed that air it became anyone’s to grab.

That’s where I come in. I was at the game and watched this whole scenario unfold. I watched as the autographed air drifted in my direction. After fighting off several fans, I managed to take the autographed air into my mouth…and hold it there until the game ended.

Upon returning home I blew Manziel’s autograph (along with a .08) into a small canister where it remains.
Since eBay will not let me sell air, THIS AUCTION IS FOR THE CANISTER and the autographed air will be included for free.

*Please note. Johnny has enough trouble with autographing items. So please know I did not pay him anything for this air. It was simply air drifting through the public domain where I was lucky enough to fill my mouth with it.

Also, for those of you who are curious, Manziel’s autograph tasted like a mix of strippers and Swisher Sweets. Delicious!


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