The Houston Texans are having some early season struggles. The team had two come-from-behind wins in their first two games and were thrashed by the Baltimore Ravens, 30-9 last Sunday. This is hardly a convincing start for a team that's supposed to contend for the AFC's berth in the Super Bowl.

Texans quarterback Matt Schaub has come under fire from fans and local sportswriters. CBS Sports analyst Rich Gannon is the latest to pile on Schaub. On CBS Sports Network’s Monday Morning QB, Gannon was critical of Schaub and questioned his credentials and if he was the guy to lead this team.

“I don’t know that he can carry this football team,” Gannon said. “He’s a system guy. He’s a guy that (succeeds) when they’re running the football well. But it’s these kinds of mistakes that really bother me: not seeing a flat defender or a linebacker run in front of an angle route. … These are the things that you expect from an inexperienced rookie quarterback.

“If they’re running the football well and they’re dominating on defense, I think he can be that guy. But if they fall behind, Matt Schaub and the Texans struggle.”

Basically, Gannon just said that Schaub doesn't have what it takes to get this team to the next level, while stopping short of calling him a game manager.

There's nothing wrong with being a game manager. The Ravens won a Super Bowl with one (Trent Dilfer). But when you're turning the ball over, that doesn't help the team. Head coach Gary Kubiak's dubious play-calling hasn't helped the offense too much either.

Schaub may not win a Super Bowl but before Texans fan jump off a ledge, remember Doug Williams, Joe Theismann, Mark Rypien, Jeff Hostetler, Brad Johnson and Dilfer all won Super Bowls. Not exactly a group of Hall of Famers. Be happy.

I mean, at least you don't have a quarterback situation like the Cleveland Browns.

This article was written by Chris Edwards. Follow him on Twitter here and read more of his work here


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