By Josh Dhani

Colin Kaepernick had one heck of a season last year when filling in for Alex Smith and becoming the San Francisco 49ers new starting quarterback.

Kaepernick joined the young group of quarterbacks that excelled in the read-option and showed how deadly a dual-threat quarterback can be to an opposing NFL team's defense. Kaepernick, along with Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III, begin the wave for a new set of QBs with a dynamic skill set that can defeat team with not only their arm, but their legs too.

Kaepernick will be ready to unleash himself on Sunday versus the Green Bay Packers, and plans to defeat them with his legs and his arm once again like in the NFL Playoffs from last season.

If all goes well, Kaepernick could see himself in his second straight Super Bowl appearance and maybe even earning a Pro Bowl accolade by seasons end. If that does in fact happen, especially if the 49ers win the Super Bowl, could Kaepernick be in for a mega-contract next summer?

No doubt about it.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Kaepernick could become the NFL's next $100 million quarterback, as he could strike in the ranges of Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons or Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens in the worths of their contracts.

Rapoport also said that it is clear that, after just 10 starts, Kaepernick is the team's quarterback of the future. The 49ers wish they could re-do Kaepernick's contract now, but the CBA prohibits doing so. Expect the QB's agent to get a call on the first day of the 2014 league year to negotiate a new deal.

Kaepernick could become the next $100 million NFL quarterback.
Do you think Colin Kaepernick will make the next jump this season and become a $100 million man? We'll see how he performs this season.

I think if he at least makes the Pro Bowl, I expect a mega-deal to be coming for him.  


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