By Josh Dhani

Phil Jackson might be the greatest NBA coach of all-time.

With that genius NBA mind of his, could it be enough for him to predict the future of the professional basketball league? According to a 2005 Toyota commercial the then-Los Angeles Lakers head coach starred in, that answer may be "yes".

This commercial, which aired eight years ago during the San Antonio Spurs' NBA Finals matchup against the Detroit Pistons, creepily predicted what basically happened during Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals.

The commercial shows a couple of Heat fans leaving the game with Miami most likely to lose. However, they turn on the radio in their car and it shows the play-by-play man saying the Heat have tied the game and have made a comeback. Both fans get out of the car and try to get back into the arena.

Doesn't that scenario ring a bell?

If you flashback to last June during Game 6 of this year's NBA Finals, that's exactly what happened with Heat fans when Ray Allen tied up the game with his miraculous three-pointer. What's even more scarier? It was against the Spurs, the team that was in the 2005 Finals when the commercial aired.

Take a look, and be prepared to get freaked out: 

Phil Jackson knows the future!

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