By Josh Dhani

Tim Tebow was released by the New England Patriots last week during the 2013 NFL Roster Cuts, and it's unlikely he'll be picked up by any other team with the season already in play now.

However, reports state that an NFL team had expressed interest in the Florida Gators legend after being released by the Patriots, but Tebow refused to change his position. The team that approached Tebow is unknown, but it looks like they clearly had something in mind for Tebow playing multiple positions like running back or tight end possibly, and then seeing some plays at quarterback sometimes.

Tebow is in pursuit of being an NFL quarterback, and he won't change his mind for anything. He won't be in the NFL if his position is anything other than a quarterback. However, if Tebow really wants to play in the NFL, isn't his only option changing his position?

The Canadian Football League has already came calling, and even USA Rugby, reportedly. Tebow has turned them down, which is a bad idea. The only chance of Tebow of coming back to play quarterback in the NFL is if he lights up the stat sheet in a place like the CFL or Arena Football League. It's the only way.

There have been many quarterbacks who have taken such a route like this and succeeded, most notably guys like Warren Moon and Kurt Warner. But even then, they had the correct mechanics for throwing a football. Tebow's throwing mechanics is the same as a four-year-old, even worse maybe.

Sadly, many still try pointing back to his miraculous run with the Denver Broncos in the 2011-12 season; but come on, really? That's two years ago. Then again, that's the only reason teams continue looking back at him, because the best image we get of Tebow is that game-winning touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime of a Wild Card playoff game.

Will we ever see Tebow in the NFL again? Right now, it's still possible. But time is running out for Tebow. It will only be a matter of time before every person on the staff of all 32 NFL teams realizes that he isn't worth it.

Tim Tebow's only options are getting serious with his throwing mechanics and playing QB in another football league, or changing his position. It's that simple. 


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