Things continue to get worse for Denver Broncos star linebacker Von Miller, and the newest bit of information to be released points a different picture of his character.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that Miller tried to cheat and beat his drug test with help from the urine collector hired by the NFL to collect player’s samples.

Sources say Miller’s cheating and the involvement of the of urine collector probably will change how the NFL handles the testing system from here on out.

More from Schefter below:

Sources said the collector worked in Miami, where Miller spends offseason time, and the collector reveled in knowing the Broncos linebacker while being, according to a source, “star struck.” It led, sources said, to the collector’s willingness to substitute another person’s urine specimen for Miller. It might have worked, sources said, had a second collector not discovered that Miller was not in the city where his collection was supposed to have taken place.

“He’s fast,” one source said of Miller, “but he’s not that fast.”

One source was “reasonably certain” no money changed hands between Miller and the collector, but that there was concern the NFL may have a problem beyond Miller and the collector involved. The NFL and the NFLPA declined comment.
What do you think of this latest news about Miller?

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