Following the Chicago Bears' 27-21 victory over the New York Giants on Thursday night, we head into Sunday to finish off the majority of the Week 6 games in the 2013 NFL season. Here is the preview for Sunday's contests, including the picks and predictions.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Buffalo Bills
The Bengals were able to complete a rusty win over the New England Patriots last week. Against the Buffalo Bills this week, expect their offense to get it going again. I see Andy Dalton and AJ Green in for a pretty big game. Expect the Bengals to win in a route, especially with the Bills looking to struggle with quarterback EJ Manuel out.

Detroit Lions vs Cleveland Browns
Calvin Johnson is now listed as active for the game, which definitely makes quarterback Matthew Stafford happy. Last week, Stafford was stuck with throwing to basically his running backs and tight ends. With Johnson back, it should help, but it will still be tough nonetheless with Browns cornerback Joe Haden — who's made his case for being the best at his position so far this season — being a tough matchup for Megatron. As for the Browns offense, they'll now be rolling with Brandon Weeden again at QB. Brian Hoyer was solid when he was playing, making wide receiver Josh Gordon look like a star. Now out for the year, Weeden is the man again. It will be interesting to see how he does, and if Gordon is able to continue his streak this season of solid performances. It's going to be a close game, I think, but give me the Lions in this one.

Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs
Terrelle Pryor has been looking solid in his past few games this season, having his quarterback rating exceed 100. However, it isn't going to be easy facing the Chiefs, who have one of the best defenses in the league. Expect Pryor to be using a lot of his legs in this game than his arm, as I also see him throwing a pick or two. As for the Chiefs offense, I see them winning through the run game with Jamaal Charles. Oakland has been poor with stopping the run game this season. Expect the Chiefs to win pretty easily here.

Carolina Panthers vs Minnesota Vikings
Both teams have been struggling this season. The Vikings are not sure what's up at the quarterback position. It looks like Christian Ponder will be starting, but I don't really expect much from him in this game. I see Cam Newton having a solid performance, though, as he rebounds from last week's disaster. I see Adrian Peterson having a huge game, especially after the tragic accident that happened this week with his son's death. It seems like a feel-good story if the Vikings win, but I actually see the Panthers pulling it out in a close victory.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs New York Jets
It's pretty shocking that the Steelers have yet to win a game this season. The Jets are coming into this matchup hot, as they came off a huge victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Monday night last week. However, the Jets have been on a pattern of up-and-down games this season, a pattern that quarterback Geno Smith has been experiencing as well. This week, I see Smith and the Jets struggling as the Steelers capture their first victory of the 2013 NFL season.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
It's been an ugly week for the Buccaneers, with many things such as the Josh Freeman/Greg Schiano saga or dangerous MRSA infection that has hit several players on the team's roster. Nonetheless, the Bucs have been mediocre this season. Nick Foles will be starting at QB, but even though that limits the Eagles offensive attack, he was lights-out when playing Tampa Bay last season. I expect him to do much of the same come Sunday. Eagles win this one.

Green Bay Packers vs Baltimore Ravens
The Packers have so far been a bit of a disappointment this season. At 2-2, they look to change things when they face Joe Flacco and the Ravens. I expect the Packers to go all-out today with their passing attack led by Aaron Rodgers. In fact, I see the Packers winning this by double-digits, as I see another bad performance coming for Flacco.

St. Louis Rams vs Houston Texans
It's been a bad week for Matt Schaub, and a bad season overall. Restaurants in the Houston area are already mocking the Texans QB with special-edition pizzas where you can pick six toppings! Schaub needs to rebound this week, as this could be his last chance. Against the Rams, he should be able to. Houston already trails the Tennessee Titans and the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC South division, a division many thought they should've taken control over. I think the Texans get their act together on Sunday. I'll give them win here at home. If they can't beat St. Louis, I'll go out on a limb and say their playoff chances are over then.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Denver Broncos
If the Jaguars win this, or even come within 10 points, my jaw will drop so hard that it's gonna break. There's no way the Jaguars should be able to even compete in this game. It's going to be a massacre, folks. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife — Peyton Manning is gonna take over everybody! In fact, Manning should just sit out after the first quarter. He'll probably have over 300 yards passing and at least three touchdowns by the time the second quarter begins.

Tennessee Titans vs Seattle Seahawks
The Seahawks were upset by the Colts last week, and they don't want to get upset again from another AFC South opponent. While I do expect this to be a pretty close game, actually, I see the Seahawks winning this through a very balanced attack of the run and pass game. I see a good game from both Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch. Give me the Seahawks in a win by a margin of 4-7 points.

New Orleans Saints vs New England Patriots
The Patriots were exposed last week against the Bengals. I don't see them rebounding this week versus New Orleans, either. Vince Wilfork is out, and though the Pats secondary has been pretty good this season, they'll be shut down by the Saints passing attack. Drew Brees will be in for another big game, and I see tight end Jimmy Graham with at least two touchdown catches. I think Tom Brady struggles again for the second straight week, as I think Rob Ryan will have some good packages set to prevent the Pats QB from having anything going positive for him. I predict Brady will throw at least one interception in this game. Saints win this by double-digits.

Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers
I don't know why the Cardinals decided to roll with Carson Palmer at QB for this season, but I guess they had no choice. Nonetheless, I don't see the USC product having a good game on Sunday against the Niners. In fact, I see him going Schaub-mode and throwing at least one pick-6. As for the Niners, I see Frank Gore having a big game on the ground. Colin Kaepernick will play the role of a game-manager, as the run game will be all that's needed in Sunday's contest. San Fran wins this easily.

Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys were able to expose the Denver Broncos, and show the recipe for beating this team. They fell short, though, much in part to Tony Romo's unsurprising interception to choke the game away. The Cowboys can rebound this week, but come on, it's the Cowboys! It would only be right for Dallas to lose, making the NFC East have a three-way tie for the lead with the Cowboys, Redskins and Eagles (if they lose to the Bucs) all at a 2-4 record. It would just make sense. But in all seriousness, I do see a good game from Romo, but I see Robert Griffin III cranking up the gears and going all-out. Redskins win this by a field goal. 

This article was written by Josh Dhani. Follow him on Twitter here and read more of his work here


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