The NFL had just two teams without a loss on the 2013 season going into Sunday's games. The undefeated club also just happened to be down to two teams in the same division, the AFC West.

The Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs both tried to chalk up their seventh straight wins on Sunday, but only the Chiefs were successful. Both teams had vastly different games on Sunday and both were able to keep the streak alive all these weeks due to their unique and opposite strengths.

For the Chiefs, the defense is performing better than ever, allowing the fewest points scored against any team in the NFL (81). Newly-appointed quarterback Alex Smith (145-250, 1,570 yards, 8 TDs, 3 INTs) is not having to perform miracles to win most games. His offense has just 169 total points on the season.

On Sunday, Smith's team won by a single point in a tight game against the Houston Texans. He ran for one of the touchdowns and handed it to Jamaal Charles (135 carries, 561 yards, 6 TDs) to cross the plane on the other.

All the team needed was a field goal in addition to those drives, as the defense kept Houston's offense to just sixteen points. The final score was exactly the same when the Chiefs beat the Dallas Cowboys in week two: 17-16.

Though Kansas City didn't look dominant, they controlled the pace of the game and could have easily scored another seven points at the end of the contest. The KC defense assaulted rookie Houston QB Case Keenum (15-25, 271 yards, TD) on his team's last drive of the game ... if it even could be called a drive.

Keenum dropped the ball trying to avoid his sixth sack of the game, and Kansas City recovered it within a few feet of the goal line. Rather than stack up the points for Jamaal Charles fantasy football owners, Smith took a few knees to end the game. The Chiefs are now in sole possession of first place.

The Denver Broncos are driving their new Cadillac quarterback Peyton Manning (207-289, 2,565 yards, 25 TDs, 3 INTs) like they stole him. Manning had to go back to the place where he established himself as a legend of the game Sunday: Indianapolis.

"We love you, Peyton ... just not tonight" read one sign in the stands at Lucas Oil Stadium for Manning's return (this sign was funny, too).

Prior to Sunday's opening whistle, the Broncos had 265 offensive points to their credit with 158 scored against their defense. Their 107-point differential was the best in the NFL going into Week 7.

However, Manning didn't let his homecoming shake him off that incredible offensive track despite not picking up another win. The former Colt endured some major early hiccups and fell short of a stunning second half comeback, thanks only to a rare interception and a questionable goal-line situation fumble by running back Ronnie Hillman.

Manning almost managed to overcome an early fumble that resulted in a safety and a first half that saw his team go into the locker room down 12 points. Prior to Sunday night, the closest Denver came to losing a game was in the Week 5 slugfest with the Dallas Cowboys where Tony Romo threw for 506 yards. The Broncos won that battle, 51-48.

On Sunday night, they slipped to 6-1 with a 39-33 loss to Peyton's old team, leaving just only one remaining undefeated team in the league.

Had anyone tried to predict before this season that Kansas City would be the only team without a loss going into Week 8, most fans and experts would have laughed at that prognosis. Yet, this is the state of the 2013 NFL season.

The Chiefs are highly unlikely to finish the season unblemished, but their gameplay so far this season goes a long way in proving that leaning on a solid defense can be much more effective than relying on a blockbuster offense. Even the absolute best quarterback in the NFL can't win if his defense is giving up too many points to the opposing team.

The Chiefs have a fairly mundane schedule over the next three weeks, but they will have to come into Mile High on Nov. 17 to face a Week 11 test against the Broncos. Denver is sure to learn multiple lessons from Sunday's defeat, and the adjustments they make could mean it will be their last loss of the year.

The Super Bowl-favorites will have to beat the Chiefs to regain a share of first place if both teams don't lose again before Week 11. The Broncos have the tougher competition over their next two games before Week 11, with a bye in Week 9 to rest up. They'll have to beat a steadily-improving Washington Redskins squad next week and the always-dangerous San Diego Chargers in Week 10.

Still, there's a great chance both teams will meet with first place on the line in Week 11, and Denver should seize the day.

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