The Los Angeles Dodgers were just eliminated from the postseason by the St. Louis Cardinals. Even worse, they had their ace on the mound who got “smacked around”. But that has not stopped Clayton Kershaw from getting a big offer from his team's ownership.

This big offer is apparently in the Alex Rodriguez neighborhood, roughly $300 million. It is uncertain what the duration of this deal is, but I’d bet that it is a “lifetime” contract.

One quirk to this story is that the deal was offered prior to the end of the season, and perhaps even before the All-Star break. However, Kershaw was apparently wary of signing a deal midseason and a deal of that magnitude. Rationally, that does not make any sense. Why risk getting injured and losing out on 300 million dollars?

Now it appears that Kershaw and the Dodgers are heading to a happy ending to their dilemma, minus their postseason woes. There is confidence that the deal will get done, perhaps with fewer years and significant contribution to a charity of Clayton’s choice.

The original parameters would have blown all previous deals to pitchers out of the water: Felix Hernandez's  seven-year, $175 million contract; Justin Verlander $180 million for the 2013-19 seasons; and CC Sabathia's seven-year, $161 million.

While Kershaw has asserted himself as the best pitcher in baseball — and he is only 25, investing that much money into a pitcher is dangerous. Pitchers can easily blowout their elbows/arms, and unlike other sports, all of that money is guaranteed (minus incentives).

What do you think of this possible deal? Should the Dodgers do it?

[Standing O Sports]


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