Ah, I see you Jalen Rose. What better way to announce the NBA season is officially back and get yourself some needed attention than by trolling all those Michael Jordan lovers in the world?

Rose, now an ESPN basketball analyst, has predicted that Jordan will make a one-game comeback this season for the Charlotte Bobcats, the team he owns. Rose hopped out on the limb during his Grantland podcast with Bill Simmons.

“I’ll make a quick prediction for the Bobcats,” Rose said. “Michael Jordan’s coming out of retirement and playing one game this year.

It’s a nice play for Rose. If it doesn’t happen, Rose can say he really didn’t expect it to happen because Jordan is 50 years old, and it was just a dream scenario. Oh but if it does take place, Rose can bask in the glory of watching the sports world and social media explode when Jordan and the Bobcats take the floor against  _______?

Here are his comments:

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