The Houston Texans are in a deep hole right now, as they got destroyed by the St. Louis Rams in Week 6 of the 2013 NFL season. Quarterback Matt Schaub was out in the game due to injury, and backup T.J. Yates filled in doing what Schaub does best: throwing pick-6 interceptions.

Who knows how long Schaub will be out, but the Texans have already considered benching him. He wasn't good at all during the Rams game even before he got injured. Yates obviously is not an upgrade by any means. Should they sign a QB through free agency if one is available?

If they are considering to, Vince Young could be the guy. Young was pretty impressive during the preseason back in August with the Green Bay Packers, but ended up getting cut because Green Bay signed him too late for him to hold grasp of the playbook fully.

Young can be a viable option for the Texans, and he believes so as well. Here's what he tweeted:
Young essentially would be playing for his hometown again. Young was a hero back in college for the Texas Longhorns, and maybe he could bring the same magic back in Houston. He's done it before, but in a different fashion when he was playing with the Tennessee Titans:

Resident rapper Slim Thug agrees that Young should be signed by the Texans:
Who knows if he's being serious, but Vince definitely is:
I guess it wouldn't hurt. Houston might as well sign him. There's nothing to lose. 

This article was written by Josh Dhani. Follow him on Twitter here and read more of his work here


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