Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck looked awful in the first half of Sunday night’s game against the Houston Texans.

But with the Colts down by 18 points with less than 16 minutes remaining in the game, Luck flipped the switch and turned into Captain Clutch, leading the Colts to a dramatic three-point victory. The comeback victory was Luck’s 10th fourth quarter comeback of his career, a career that only has 24 regular season games on its resume.

Although he’s only in the second year of his career, Andrew Luck is quickly proving that he is one of the most clutch quarterbacks in the league.

One reason Luck has been so successful late in games is his incredible football IQ. Luck understands clock management as good as anyone else in the league, and he always seems to find his receivers near the sidelines, which allows them to run out of bounds and stop the time.

Another reason for Luck’s success is his unbelievable arm. Luck can make any throw on the field, and isn’t scared to stand in the pocket and take the hit. In last night’s game, the Colts were trailing by 12 when Luck threw an absolute laser to T.Y. Hilton down the middle of the field for a 58-yard touchdown. Throws like that are unstoppable.

Luck can beat you with his arm, but he can also beat you with his legs. Luck is an underrated athlete that has the ability to pick up first downs with his legs if the play breaks down.

The combination of arm talent, football IQ and underrated athleticism has catapulted Luck into the upper-echelon of NFL quarterbacks and right into the middle of the MVP conversation.

No quarterback has had more fourth quarter comebacks than Luck in their first two NFL seasons, and for that, Luck has rightfully earned the nickname of Captain Clutch.

[Standing O Sports]


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