Some people take sports bets and their fandom too far at times. No one would take tasering a part of a bet. Obviously, John and Nicole Grant don't fall into that demographic, because that's exactly what they did.

With Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler out for Monday night's showdown with the Green Bay Packers, Nicole took a bet that the Packers would take care of business and beat the Bears. Nicole said that John could use a taser on her if the Packers lost. Well, the Packers lost and John used the taser on his wife and ended up in the pokey because of it.

The two were in the alley smoking a cigarette at one point when Grant used the taser “two times on her buttocks,” according to a criminal complaint filed in Dodge County, Wis. Grant’s wife then called police.

“Hell yeah it hurt,” she said, according to police.

“It takes not only the Packer and Bear rivalry to a new level, it takes the spousal rivalry (to a new level),” said Mayville Police Chief Christopher MacNeill. “There are couples where the wife is a fan of one team and the husband’s a fan of another team, but this raises the bar a little bit and goes to the extreme.”

In Dodge County Circuit Court on Tuesday, "Grant was charged with possession of an electric weapon, and could face a fine of $10,000 and up to six years in prison if convicted."

I don't think they'll go hardcore on him and make him do any time, but he'll consider this a lesson learned.

By Chris Edwards


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