The news about the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito situation is really weird. For a week, we thought Incognito was some racist and bigot, but it appears he had been defending Martin for quite a while and had his back.

It is also said that Martin sometimes laughed when Incognito called him the n-word, because that is just how the culture was in the Miami Dolphins locker room. Adding to that, Martin and Incognito were reportedly seen always hanging out and being friendly with one another.

Who really knows what the hell is up? After hearing all the information, it's hard to decide, especially after Incognito's interview today with Fox Sports. There, it was revealed that Martin also sent disturbing text messages to Incognito, including one that read, "I will murder your whole f**king family."

However, the text isn't what you may think it is.

Honestly, I thought it was a joke at first. But apparently, Martin didn't even write those words out. In fact, those words were in a 9GAG meme photo that shows a dog with the caption being those words. It's a humorous photo, and that was what Martin sent to Incognito.

Here it was:
Funny how Incognito tried make himself look like the bad guy on that part. That text message, it looks like, shouldn't even be taken seriously. Then again, who knows? I am completely lost on this situation now, seeing how random it has now become.

This is crazy, man. 

By Josh Dhani


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