New York Knicks owner James Dolan was disappointed by the lack of his team’s energy to start the season, and after losing 120-89 against the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday, he’s one step away from making big changes.

Some of those “changes” are rumored to be the firing of current head coach Mike Woodson, or trading guard Iman Shumpert, which Dolan apparently isn’t a big fan of.

So far in less than 10 games into the season, the 58-year-old owner has gone from banning the Knicks city dancers from performing at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday in a game against the Charlotte Bobcats, to guaranteeing a Knicks victory on Wednesday when they’ll be facing the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena.

“Thanks to the Rangers who brought me a win,” Dolan sad. “Unfortunately the basketball (team) couldn’t do it today. We’re going to win the next game, that’s a guarantee.”

Dolan has a long history of pulling many stunts that aren’t considered normal.

Some of these incidents include firing a security guard due to them not recognizing who Dolan was (although he hired the individual a day later), making two audio technicians record every word Carmelo Anthony said on a game and sent that tape directly to him, wanting to trade Iman Shumpert because the guard didn’t wanted to play in the summer league, not matching Jeremy Lin’s contract due to feeling “betrayed”... the list goes on and on.

The owner also said recently that the Knicks were title contenders. Well, he’s sure living in different world than the rest of us. The Knicks, who lost starting center Tyson Chandler last week, now have a record of 2-4, and things won’t get any easier for them.

No one knows exactly what Dolan’s next move could be but for the Knicks sake, but they should win on Wednesday to keep their owner from doing something else crazy (at least until the next loss). 

By John Ledesma


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