The Air Jordan 4 retro "Lightning" was scheduled to release back in March 2013, but it never happened. Instead, it looked like the release date would then be November 16, 2013. That is only two weeks away, and we have yet to hear anything about the date or even early release pictures.

So what's the hold up? Well, according to Collective Kicks, it is confirmed that the sneaker will NOT be releasing! Though the Air Jordan 4 retro "Thunder" were eventually released, it may be a while until we see the Lightning colorway hit stores again, as it's reported it may not even release in 2014 either.

Here's the full details from Collective Kicks:
It was rumored time and time again that we would be seeing a Air Jordan “Lighting” IV release date this year, however I am confirming that it is NOT going to release.  We have heard the release date would be March 2013, then November 16th, 2013 but it was completely fabricated.  Although we did see a release of the Thunder Air Jordan IVs, the Lightning are not happening, and not only for 2013, but 2014 either.  So don’t get your hopes up for these shoes hitting retailers, and if you see any floating around claiming that they are real samples of real “early releases”, trust me, they are not!
This is a very rare colorway that many Jordan fans have been wanting to see return. Let's hope it does see a release date this year or next year.

What do you think, sneakerheads?  

By Josh Dhani


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