St. Louis Rams rookie Tavon Austin was scheduled for a breakout game sooner or later in the 2013 NFL season, and it happened in Week 10 versus the Indianapolis Colts.

Austin started things off with several great punt returns. On his third punt return of the day, he took it back for a 98-yard touchdown. Later in the first half of that game, Austin scored on a 57-yard touchdown pass. That wasn't all, as he opened up the third quarter with an 81-yard touchdown catch.

Not only did this mean a great day for Austin in a fantasy football aspect, but a place in NFL history and the record books. According to Football Perspective, Austin had a record-setting day and one that went down as legendary.

Austin became the eighth player in history to have three touchdowns of 50 yards or more. He had 236 total yards worth of touchdowns, which is the most since 1970. In fact, Austin ranks second all-time behind Gale Sayers for the most yards worth of touchdowns in a game.

Amazing day for Tavon Austin. 

By Josh Dhani


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