omer-asik-december-2013When the Houston Rockets signed Dwight Howard, I'm pretty sure head coach Kevin McHale envisioned a twin towers lineup when he wanted to play big.

It was only a dream, because Omer Asik begged to be traded and general manager Daryl Morey now has been trying to find a place for him ever since.

Morey has taken his time to find the right deal and now it seems like the might have one in place.

USA Today's Sam Amick has reported that there may be a trade on the horizon involving the Philadelphia 76ers and the Rockets that could go down by next Thursday.

Asik might be the player involved on the Houston side, but the speculation on the Philly side might be that Thaddeus Young or Spencer Hawes could be moved to Houston. Amick says that Morey is holding off on pulling the trigger to see if he can get a better.

Right now, this is just all speculation, but where there's smoke, there's fire, and Morey is never afraid to deal if he can find a good partner.


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