Tim-Tebow-TV-2013Tim Tebow was one of the greatest college football players to ever live. The south Florida native led the Florida Gators to two national championships during his tenure, and also picked up a Heisman Trophy in his sophomore season.

Despite his collegiate success, Tebow was a flub in the NFL. He could barely throw the ball, and brought a media circus with him where ever he went.

So wouldn’t it be ironic if Tebow now joined that media circus now that he’s out of the league? First it was Tebowmania. Now, is it Tim Tebow Analyst time.

ESPN’s SEC Network, CBS Sports and FOX Sports are all targeting Tebow to become a college football analyst, according to reports. He’s such a hot commodity right now the three stations have entered a bidding war for his services.

It’s hard to imagine what Tebow would be like as an analyst. Would he be the firey guy he was at Florida, or the well spoken, cautious guy we saw in the NFL?

Which station would you like to see Tebow join next year? ESPN, CBS, or FOX?

By Mike Lucas


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