nfl-santaThe holiday season is in full swing, and Santa is double checking his lists to make sure everything is just right for Christmas.

Kids aren’t the only people Santa keeps an eye on all year. He also keeps a close eye on the NFL and its players, and nobody is too good or famous to get a free pass to his good list.

So Santa is making his list and checking it twice, so here are the 10 NFL players that weren’t very nice.

10. Mike Tomlin

Mike-Tomlin-Steelers-Ravens-Thanksgiving-2013“C’mon Mike! Getting in Jacoby Jones way on Thanksgiving didn’t just get you on my naughty list, it cost you $100,000! If you were going to do it, make it sneaky. You were more obvious than Rudolph out there.”

9. Geno Smith

Geno-Smith-November-2013“I know being a rookie QB in the NFL is tough, Geno, but you only threw one touchdown over a seven-game span! That’s about as cold as Frosty.”

8. The Dallas Cowboys Defense

brandon-marshall-vs-cowboys-2013“Monte Kiffin’s defense has been awful this year! A few weeks ago, Dallas gave up 625 yards to New Orleans and on Monday Night Football against the Bears, the Cowboys didn’t force a single punt! My oh my!”

7. Mike Shanahan

head-coach-mike-shanahan-of-the-washington-redskins"Listen Mike. You can be mad because your team stinks and you’re about to get fired, but don’t ruin RGIII’s career just because your is over. HoHoHo, someone’s a little salty.”

6. Roger Goodell

commissioner-roger-goodell-speaks-at-the-podium-in-the_crop“Roger, football is a contact sport! Stop ruining the game with all these soft penalties that make playing defense nearly impossible. Roger, you are the nightmare before Christmas right now.”

5. Riley Cooper

riley-cooper-2013“C’mon, Riley. The president of America is black. You know you can’t be saying stuff like that. Mrs. Claus would have washed your mouth out with soap!”

4. Richie Incognito

jonathan-martin-richie-incognito“Richie, the first thing they teach you in kindergarden is that bullying is wrong. Even though you were just trying to 'toughen' Jonathan Martin up, you dropped enough racial slurs to make Martin Luther King Jr. roll over in his grave. You belong on the island of misfit toys Richie.”

3. Aldon Smith

aldon-smith-december-2013“Aldon, learn from your mistakes. One DUI is enough, but two is just ludicrous. Your BAC was 0.15, and marijuana and pills were found in your car! Checking yourself into rehab was the best decision you made all year.”

2. Sam Hurd

sam-hurd"On the twelfth day of Christmas, Sam Hurd gave to me... another bag of cocaine? Really Sam?”

1. Aaron Hernandez

aaron-hernandez-sits-in-the-courtroom-of-the-attleboro“No explanation needed here.”

[tps_footer]By Mike Lucas[/tps_footer]


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