bryce harper 2014Bryce Harper is looking to bulk up, and he's looking to bulk up biiiiiig.

The Washington Nationals star wants to bulk up so big, it's that he wants to be "as a big as a house." Those were Harper's exact words when speaking on getting bigger as he gets ready for spring training in a few months.

Harper, who was around 220-230 pounds last season, wants to get even bigger as he aims for the 245-pound range by spring training this year, he tells ESPN.

"I'm excited to take a month off, that's something I'm excited for, let the body rest. Let the body heal a little bit and get as big as a house. ... That's the biggest thing I try to do.

"I want to go into spring training about 240, 245. I'll lose about 20 pounds during the season."

Harper says he was 218 pounds at the end of last season, which leads to the massive bulking as he loses weight throughout the season, as he said before.

We'll see how Harper looks once spring training begins.


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